Monday, July 15, 2013

Lily Rose's Journal: Part Three

The Fatas have their strange people, too, the ones that can't really be grouped as families.

The Grindylow: I've only seen one, and I don't know what makes them. They're life-sized, ball-jointed dolls. They're beautiful and they kill, not nicely either. They're like the golems from Jewish folklore, like clockwork spirit things. Fatas usually can't kill humans -- that's what they use us for...and the Grindylow.

The Monasty: The collective name for the solitary Fatas. Some are outlaws or criminals...most just prefer not to be ruled. They have many different forms.

The Strigormes: The Owls. They're solitary and make their homes in abandoned places, in large forests. Most are crazy. If you ever see a girl or a boy in white, near an old barn or in the

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