Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lily Rose's Journal: Part Two

Then there are the Fatas from the water element:

The Uisce are old royalty and they're remorseless as sharks. They'll drown anyone in their lakes and ponds. Silvery-haired and lovely, they live in decrepit, sprawling houses near bodies of water.

The Fuath live near lakes, in houses that seem warm, inviting, and old-fashioned. They also pose as an extended family. They are dangerous in that they charm strangers to their deaths.

The Vodyanoi live mostly in Eastern Europe, usually in abandoned mills. They're the ones who eat people. Don't ever go near any creepy mills, even here.

The Afanc are wanderers and most often pose as bikers, sleek, wild, and tattooed. They were once known as Kelpies, Horseheads, who drag unsuspecting people to their deaths in water. Most of them don't do this anymore.

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