Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lily's Note:

You see where this is going, don't you?
    They prey on the vulnerable and the lost. The water tribes are the worst because they do more than seduce and ruin. They are savage, the outlaws of the sea. They're the voice that whispers Come into the water so that you drown. They're the light on the ocean that leads you away. They're what hide in the dark pools, waiting to drag you down.
    They come ashore, sometimes, when they are hungry, or when they are exiled by their own people.
    In 1986, Leander Cyrus met the Gorgon and her family of Jacks and Jills.
    How do you think this will end?

Missing Boy Feared Dead

Owen Thyme, a young athlete from the Noe Valley neighborhood, missing since yesterday, is now believed dead. Police authorities have found evidence of his drowning in an abandoned well behind his house, although a body has not yet been found. Rescue teams have discovered that the well was built above an underground water source that may, oddly enough, lead to the ocean and, unfortunately, hamper their ability to locate Owen Thyme. Bloody footprints were discovered leading to the well and a jacket belonging to the victim was found nearby.

                                            San Francisco Chronicle 1971

(Illustration: Warwick Goble)

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