Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lily Rose's Journal: One


They call us 'things with teeth', because they have no true form, no real biology. They steal our identities. They steal us. I hope there are more good ones than bad. I'm going to tell you about both, because if you've ever encountered the bad, you'll need to know about the good.

I haven't met very many of the good.

My name is Lily Rose. I'm seventeen years old. I was 15 when I found out about the ones who walk between, the spirit people who call themselves Fatas, tribes and courts who mingle with our dead while taking us away from what we love.

Theirs is a world of rot and ruin that sometimes bleeds into ours...and that is something they cannot do -- bleed. They are not flesh and blood.

But we are.

These are the stories I've learned, and these are the secrets of the Fatas.

                       THE BALLAD OF MAUDE CLARE

                             A girl named Maude Clare
                             followed a hare
                             to a black metal house
                             that is no longer there.
                             And what did she find
                             in the dark of that place?
                             A prince with no heart and a beautiful face.

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